Best Electric Shaver Reviews, Rating and Buying Guide 2018

Best Electric Shaver Reviews, Rating and Buying Guide 2018

If you’re looking for a new Electric Shaver which suits for your skin type and facial hairs, let us help you choose one. We know it’s a tough job so we have hand-picked the best electric Shaver for men in the market.

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers

DetailModel NamePrice
Philips Norelco Shaver 6800 (Model 1190X/46See Price
Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System, SilverSee Price
Philips Norelco AT895Philips Norelco AT895/41 Shaver 4900See Price
Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver 2100 (Packaging may vary)See Price
Philips Norelco HQ8 Dual Precision Replacement Heads by PhilipsSee Price
Remington F5-5800A F5 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving TechnologySee Price
Philips Norelco PT724/41 Shaver 3100 (Packaging May Vary) by Philips NorelcoSee Price
Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100See Price
Braun Series 3-340s Wet & Dry Electric ShaverSee Price
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head for MenSee Price
Braun 3Series 380S-4 Wet and Dry ShaverSee Price

Best Electric Shaver Review 2018

1. Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

This electric foil shaver surely tops our list. Braun has done a marvelous job of making an intelligent shaver with Sonic Technology that increases power in the difficult areas. This is quite interesting, as areas with sparse hair and the areas with dense hair are cleaned equally smoothly.

Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

The ActiveLift trimmer lifts and cuts flat hair. This is a welcome technology that guarantees a smooth shaving experience. The 2X OptiFoil cuts hair up to 0.05mm short. This provides a closer shave than any other razors in the same range. It has five different shaving modes including sensitive and turbo. You can choose it depending on your skin type and individual preference.

The Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver has an 8-D contour adaptation that can fully adapt to the shape of your face and the curves of your features. This prevents unpleasant nicks and patches of unshaven hair. The Series 7 can trim more hair than any other electric shaver can. It is 100% waterproof. You can shave dry or wet. It has a unique alcohol-based cleaning and charging station that includes post shave lubrication to clean it hygienically.

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2. Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver 

The Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver is the perfect fit for a busy morning. You can trim, cut and shave without using up another extra minute. The new HyperFlex design allows the head to adjust to all angles. This reduces nicks and irritations on your skin. It delivers a smooth finish with little to no shadow.


The PrecisionPlus heads include slots and holes to shave both long hairs and short ones. You can trim your stubble or get a clean shave within the next few minutes without even touching water. Its ergonomic design promises a confident grip and smoother shave. It comes with a scrubbing appendage too. The charcoal-infused bristles can scrub away all the dirt and oil leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

WETech makes sure the Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver is 100% waterproof. This means, you can either shave dry or use foam to get the macho look. You can take your time to make the decision. The max power Lithium battery keeps it packed with power. It gives a 45-minute of cordless runtime for every four hours of charging.

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3. Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 with Click-On Beard Styler (Model 1150BT/48)

The Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 is a must-have in every man’s grooming kit. It is the perfect gift for every man on father’s day, Valentine’s Day or on his birthday. The new Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 shaver comes with wet or dry shaving choices. You can either use foam to get a clean shave or simply use the trimmer head to trim your beard and stache. The Gyroflex 2D contouring makes sure that your skin remains supple and smooth even after repeated shaves using this shaver.

Philips Norelco Shaver 6400

The precision timer is a crucial feature for moustache and sideburn groomers. The dual precision heads can tackle the most stubborn hairs and long facial hairs. The SkinGlide technology ensures a closer and easier shaving experience.

It gives you a cordless experience. The Li-ion powered battery provides up to 40 minutes shaving time with one hour of charging. This is what makes the Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 one of the best choices on this list. The non-slip grip makes it easier to handle this trimmer and give a smoother shave.

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4. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver : Best Cheap Electric Shaver

The Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver for men is a brilliant design. It is minimal, compact and effective for cutting patches of stubborn hair. You can choose between the corded and cordless forms for regular use. It also has a 5-minute quick charge option. This will save you a lot of time and hassle on a busy office morning. Now you can go from weekend disheveled to Monday morning fresh within 5 minutes.

Remington F5-5800


The usual charging time of the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is about 2 hours. The Li-ion battery powers it for almost 60 minutes for an unhurried and smooth shaving experience. The pivot & flex feature allows the shaver head to remain as close as possible to the chin, jawline and neck without causing nasty nicks. It includes an Intercept Shaving Technology that sits between that enables you to trim longer hair.

Now enjoy a hassle-free shaving experience with LED powered display. The surgical steel blades are easier to clean and they are more hygienic too. The F5 is ideal for the office goer who does not have the best relations with his mornings.

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5. Philips Norelco 6945XL Electric Razor

The Philips Norelco 6945XL Electric Razor is a wonderful design from one of the most lauded tech companies of the world. This electric razor features a close-cut technology that is almost infallible. It has three flexing heads that automatically adjust according to the contours of your face.

Philips Norelco 6945XL Electric Razor

The Philips Norelco 6945XL Electric Razor has an incredible battery backup. About eight hours of charging will last you for about 10 days of use (30 minutes per day). This is for cordless shaving. It has a LED indicator for battery levels. It is a travel friendly design that includes a protective cap.

The blades are replaceable. You should replace them with HQ56 replacement heads every 12 months. The Philips Norelco 6945XL Electric Razor can be used anywhere. Being away should never be an excuse to stay unshaven!

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6. SURKER Electric Shaver Men Rotary Shaver : Best Electric Shaver under $50

The SURKER Electric Shaver Men Rotary Shaver is a hot favorite of many who want premium service within a friendly budget. The SURKER Electric Shaver Men Rotary Shaver comes with a nose hair trimmer for the complete grooming experience. It is a waterproof design with a LED power display.

SURKER Electric Shaver Men Rotary Shaver

It has a 500mAh Li-ion battery. It takes about 90 minutes to charge completely. It can hold charge for about 45 minutes. This one-key lock function helps to smoothly trim and shave beards without any nicks. It is a perfect fit for your neck and facial curves. The double blade technique cuts more niftily and neatly.

The entire ensemble comes with a travel bag. You will also find a cleaning brush for easy cleaning of the stainless steel shaver heads. You can clean the shaver in running water as long as it is not charging.

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7. Flyco Washable Rechargeable Rotary Men’s Electric Shavers 

The Flyco Washable Rechargeable Rotary Men’s Electric Shavers is a neat design. It is waterproof. You can pick between a dry shave and a foamy shave depending on how you are feeling about the process. It is the perfect way to pamper yourself.


The Flyco Washable Rechargeable Rotary Men’s Electric Shavers has an independent floating triple head design. This promises a close shave without any cuts. You can switch to a soft touch whenever you please. The ComfortCut heads have rounded edges that smoothly glide on the skin. Research shows, this gives a 66% more comfort level to the users.

The Flex & Float system makes sure the heads follows the contours of your face as closely as possible. This offers a smooth shave. You can choose other settings to just trim your beard or create a 5 o’clock shadow as well.

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8. Remington XF8700 Wet & Dry Foil Shaver

The Remington XF8700 Wet & Dry Foil Shaver is a design that permits a luxurious shaving experience. It uses the ActiveHybrid Technology for combining the foil and rotary shaving systems into one. You can trim both long hairs and stubborn small ones with just one setting. The AccuCut blades are specially designed to provide you with a safe and easy shaving experience.

Remington XF8700 Wet & Dry Foil Shaver


Constant Contour is the added feature of the Remington XF8700 Foil Shaver. This makes sure, the shaving heads stick close to your skin and shave really closely. Most shavers leave behind a stubble. This one offers a smooth finish at one go. It uses the PivotAssist Plus for a seamless pivoting action.

You can either choose dry shaving or use a shaving gel in the shower. The Remington XF8700 Wet & Dry Foil Shaver is compact. It has travel friendly features. You can now stay suave and shaven in every corner of the world thanks to Remington’s cordless shaving technology.

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9. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

For all trimmer lovers and shaving gurus, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 is quite the investment. Like the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 6945XL, this one is also on the higher end. But, there is sound reason why the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 is rather costly.

Philips Norelco 9700


It has three shaving heads that can independently move in eight different directions depending on the contours and curves. The wet system make sure you can use shaving foam or shaving gel in the shower. You can also use the dry system to get a clean shave on a chilly winter morning. The heads can clean each hair irrespective of its length. From 1-day shadows to 3-day stubbles, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 can confidently take care of all your shaving needs. You can choose between the different speed settings to suit your hair type and skin – slow (sensitive skin), medium (thorough shave) and fast (high-powered shave).

It has a digital interface that shows the battery levels, cleaning indication and replacement necessities. One quick charge supplies enough charge for a quick shave. Alternatively, you can fully charge the device for 1 hour and use it for 60 long minutes.  It also shows the travel lock indicator. The Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 won the 2015 iF award for design and style.

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Best Electric Shaver Buyer’s Guide 2018

With the advancement of things people often get confused and lot of options land them in trouble to choose best for them.

Therefore, you need to research before you move to the market for choosing one for you.

Electric Shavers was invented around 1928 by Col. Jacob Schick. He is an American manufacturer of Remington Rand Corporation who manufactured Remington brand of electric shaver in 1937.

There were one more manufacturer of electric shaver i.e Professor Alexander Horowitz who was invented the idea if the electric razor. These shavers were only for the dry shaving. However, today the story is different. Almost all the best electric shavers have a feature of wet and dry shaving.

They are all the way good in performance when it comes to give close shave. There are some shavers, which provide individually auto-cleaning dock.

What is Electric Shaver?

Electric shaver is an electric instrument for shaving the beard and other parts of body. It has a rotating blades covered with the guard of metal.

Electric Shaver is a device, which is the practice of men and women. Men remove their hair from face while women remove their hair from leg and the private parts of body.

The upgraded form of razor is called electric shaver. Earlier manual razors were the only practice for shaving. Now, the invention of new tech is shifting world from general life to up-to-date life.

Type of electric shavers Foil and Rotary shavers

Electric Shavers are divided in two types one is Rotary and the second one is Foil. Both categories are respectively efficient for the users. It depends on the user’s perception and choice, which types, is better for their daily use.

Commonly there lies metal screen, which is for prevention of the skin from sharp blades. Its sharp blades easily take out the hair from every corner.

Both types of shavers are similar in some way but what set them apart from each other. Seethe differentiation below:

Foil Electric Shavers

Such shavers are best in giving style to your beard by cutting it in left to right direction and in up and down direction as well.

Foil shavers strengths are to trim or cut short hair while over grown hair cannot do properly through Foil shavers.

Rotary Electric Shavers

It contains three circular cutting heads and it performs greatly in circular motion. This kind of shavers cuts so well longer, thicker and curve hairs. Its three heads give you instant result without bleeding, burns and other sensitive factors of skin.

Rotary shavers are undoubtedly comfortable but you have to adopt particular way of shaving to get good outcome and get used to of it.

Important features of Electric Shavers

Lot of certain features of the electric shavers leaves you in the world of confusion. Which is best or comfortable is quite indecisive for you.

There are different features, which gives perfect example and will not leave any space for doubts in picking one right choice for you from the store.

  • Dry or wet shaving

Many people like to shave while bathing. You need to emphasis on the wet and dry featured electric shaver for solving your purpose.

  • Performance of cutting

It is the most prominent factor users look for it before buying best electric shavers. When shavers can cut with good speed this are actually what users dying for.

  • Charging system and auto cleaning

This feature needs a space for its proper care and positioning and at the same time, no maintenance requires when it comes to recharge its battery or hygiene factor. It already carries its own charging and cleaning dock.

  • Rechargeable facility

Most of the best  electric shavers now come with this feature of rechargeable.

What to look for when choosing the Best Electric Shavers?

The above information of features is the key factor to choose best electric shaver for men. Apart from this, you can turn your head to other aspects for completing the versatility of your shaver.


For many people it is nominal and inconsiderable factor. Travelling is everyone’s daily thing but there are people who spend most of the time travelling. This feature in best electric shaver if lies then it is big turn on for men and women both.

Review of the device

Sometimes you do not trust advertisement but the user’s remarks become most important to you. It is a part of human nature you act accordingly if you get the electric shaver reviews.

Always try to gather information through newspapers, magazine and by reading blog to upgrade your knowledge so that you will not be misguided.

There is also misconception about the best electric shaver in their initial period of using it. First, use it and give yourself time to be familiar with the device. You will notice that it is thing you were looking for.

This is also true that electric shaver cannot give close shave but this is also true that shavers do not get harsh with your skin. The experience of burn free, no sensation is a big turn on. This is the most demanding factor for the users that electric shaver is less time consuming. The added benefit of using your shaver from anywhere No surplus activities like water, shaving cream etc.

I believe electric shaver is a complete package and expanding its wing to major part of the population.

Notable facts

When you go through the best electric shaver review then you will notice that Foil shavers are considered by few people due to its close shave with the little irritation of the skin. On the other hand, Rotary shavers shave closely in particular areas like neck, corners and in depth. It gives fast and smooth shaving once you become familiar with the shaver.

Best Electric Shavers Price

Electric shavers are very unpredictable. Performance cannot be equated with the price. You can face the bad performance from highest priced shaver as well. It comes around $ 40 to $300+.

This is entirely upto you what is your preferences which suit your budget also. For this smart decision, you need to go through deep research and our detail reviews.

Cost of maintenance

When you go to the shop for the electric shaver, you need to consider how often you have to replace your blades and the replacement charges.

Over to you

If you have experience of using best electric shavers then you know little bit what is need to be considered. However, the new comer always remains in doubtful condition for the shaver they use.

In that case you need to be patient and do not jump into the conclusion before being friendly with your shaver. New shaving method is difficult to accept so give the time of one month at least. Then after judge your choice or device. Even the experienced users get difficulty in owning new brand and are comfortable with.

Electric shavers are contemporary method of shaving so mainly young generations are interested in experimenting with it without any hassle.

You can see no point is left everything is covered. Bulk of information you can get from here without any fake word of hope.


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